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Embark on a transformative one-day bootcamp designed exclusively for interior designers seeking to elevate their business acumen and chart a successful course in the dynamic world of design. Join us for "ASID Business Bootcamp: The Designer's Roadmap" where we will take you on an inspiring road trip through key aspects of business education specifically tailored for interior designers. Whether you're an experienced professional, a budding entrepreneur, or an employee aiming to sharpen your skills, this event is your ultimate destination for growth and success. You can mix and match to unleash your creativity and create your own business road trip!

ASID Illinois Business Bootcamp Schedule

The Designer’s Roadmap


8:30am-9:15am - Breakfast & Registration

9:15am-9:30am - Welcome

9:30am-10:30am - Session 1 

Room #1 - Designing Success: A Guide to Launching and Managing Your Interior Design Business

  • Presenter: David Adler, Adler Law
  • Step into the world of interior design entrepreneurship with our comprehensive presentation designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to establish and thrive in the industry. From navigating legal and compliance requirements to mastering financial management techniques, this presentation covers all aspects of launching and managing an interior design business.
  • Key Topics Covered:
    • Essential Startup Requirements
    • Insurance Protection
    • Client Contract Essentials
    • Procurement Strategies
    • Financial Infrastructure
    • Budgeting Techniques
    • Money Management Tools


Room #2 - Behind the Scenes of a Luxury Design Firm

  • Presentor: Monica Daggett, Kara Mann
  • Join us for a candid conversation with Monica Daggett, Director of Operations at the esteemed luxury design firm Kara Mann. Through this engaging discussion, participants will have the opportunity to delve into various aspects of running a successful design business, from the intricacies of managing daily operations to the nuances of attracting high-end clientele. Monica will provide firsthand insights, practical advice, and industry perspectives, offering attendees a unique opportunity to learn from her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insider insights and elevate your design practice.
  • Key Topics Covered:
    • Day to day operations
    • Hiring decisions and company culture
    • Purchasing
    • Knowing your worth 
    • Attracting luxury clients

10:45am-11:45am - Session 2 

Room #1 - Mastering Daily Tasks: Strategies for Seamless Workflow Management

  • Presentor: Claudia Martin, Claudia Martin Design
  • Explore strategies and tools designed to streamline project management and enhance workflow efficiency for interior designers. Discover how cloud-based software can revolutionize file organization, learn practical methods for optimizing physical storage solutions, and identify essential documents to communicate design intent effectively with contractors. Gain insights into applying organizational tools to confidently tackle larger projects and explore programs to streamline daily tasks and boost productivity. Unlock the potential of your interior design projects with these transformative insights and tools.
  • Key Topics Covered:
    • Cloud-Based Project Management
    • Physical Storage Solutions
    • Contractor Communication
    • Scaling Up with Confidence 
    • Daily Task Management Programs


Room #2 - Showcasing Brilliance: A Guide to Submitting Your Interior Design Projects for Magazine Features and Awards

  • Panel Discussion: Marcel Page, Marcel Page Photography; Mary Susan Bicicchi, Interiors by Mary Susan
  • Delve into the benefits of showcasing your work in magazines, competitions, and awards. Explore insights into what sets winning projects apart and how to tailor your submissions for maximum impact. Discover the power of storytelling in captivating editors' attention, and the importance of high-quality photography in showcasing your work effectively. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the submission process for design awards and learn how to navigate the submission process with confidence, ensuring your projects receive the recognition they deserve. Don't miss this opportunity to glean invaluable insights and strategies from industry experts, empowering you to elevate your interior design career to new heights of success.
  • Key Topics Covered:
    • Maximizing Exposure and Recognition
    • Understanding Criteria and Preferences
    • Harnessing the Power of Storytelling
    • Elevating Through High-Quality Photography
    • Navigating the Submission Process

12pm-12:30pm - Lunch 

12:45pm-1:45pm - Mastermind Roundtables

  • This interactive session provides a platform for open dialogue and collaborative learning, allowing participants to exchange ideas and explore opportunities. Each roundtable discussion will focus on a specific theme or topic relevant to interior designers. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with fellow designers and industry experts, gaining diverse perspectives and practical advice to enhance their professional practice.
  • Round Table Topics:
  • Financial - Moderator: David Adler
  • Project Management - Moderator: Claudia Martin
  • Business Development - Moderator: SBDC
  • NCIDQ/RID Info Table - Moderator: Sarah Schwuchow 
  • Social Media Marketing - Moderator: Jordan Jewell
  • Client Experience - Moderator: Jeannie Andressen

2pm-3pm - Session 3

Finding Your Company’s Signature Style & Navigating the Path to Brand Awareness

  • Panel Discussion: Susan El-Naggar, Susan El-Naggar Interior Design; Cynthia Bolton Smith, CCS Interior Design; Katherine Wozniak, KED Interiors
  • An illuminating panel discussion where seasoned designers share invaluable insights and strategies on crafting a distinctive brand identity. From identifying your target client to effectively communicating your brand style, this discussion covers essential topics to help you stand out and attract your ideal clientele. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights and actionable strategies from industry experts that will empower you to elevate your brand anc achieve greater success in your interior design career. 
  • Key Topics Covered:
    • Identifying Your Target Client
    • Elements of Brand Creation
    • Determining Your Brand Identity
    • Website Essentials
    • Brand Communication through Social Media
    • Visual Communication
    • Increasing Sales through Brand Communication

3:15pm-4:15pm - Keynote: Boundaries, Communication, and Balance: Keys to Building a Thriving Business 

  • Speaker: Jeannie Andressen
  • Join us for a transformative keynote presentation by renowned business coach Jeannie Andressen as she shares invaluable insights on establishing client boundaries and cultivating a thriving design business with a focus on healthy work-life balance.

In this inspiring session, Jeannie will delve into the importance of setting clear boundaries with clients to maintain professionalism, preserve personal well-being, and foster positive working relationships. Discover practical strategies for defining your boundaries, communicating them assertively, and gaining client buy-in, ensuring mutual respect and understanding throughout the design process.

Moreover, Jeannie will explore how to create a business culture that prioritizes work-life balance, allowing you to achieve success without sacrificing your health, happiness, or relationships. Learn how to set realistic expectations, manage workload effectively, and implement self-care practices that nurture your well-being and enhance your productivity.

Whether you're a seasoned designer looking to refine your boundary-setting skills or a newcomer seeking guidance on maintaining balance in your business, this keynote presentation offers actionable advice and empowering insights to help you thrive in both your professional and personal life.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Jeannie Andressen's wealth of expertise and embark on a journey towards greater fulfillment, success, and harmony in your design business.


4:30pm - 5:30pm -  Networking Cocktail Hour

  • Hosted by: CAI Designs
  • Unwind and connect with fellow designers at our networking cocktail hour, the perfect way to conclude a day filled with inspiration, learning, and collaboration.


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