Illinois Interior Design Title Registration



The following information is provided to direct interior designers, potential members and Chapter members to legislative information available online in a quick, concise manner.

The Illinois Interior Design Title Act


The Illinois Interior Design Title Act

  • Prohibits anyone not registered by the state from representing or identifying him/herself as a ‘Registered Interior Designer’ or ‘Registered Residential Interior Designer.’
  • Assures regulation of design affecting the public’s health safety and welfare through state established criteria for education, experience and examination.
  • Defines a scope of services performed by a professional Interior Designer.

Why Become Registered?

  • Protects the right to practice Interior Design
  • Legal recognition for Interior Designers
  • Through registration, interior designers gain recognition from extended project teams including architects, engineers, contractors, brokers and clients.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)

The Illinois Interior Design Title Act is regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Information specific to the Title Act can be found at, under the Division of Professional Regulation, including:

The Interior Design Title Act
Registration Renewal – Registrations may be renewed on-line approximately 2-3 months prior to the expiration date shown on your registration.
License Look-up – There is an easy Designer Registration Look-Up section where you can search the registration status for an Illinois Registered Interior Designer and REgistered Residential Interior Designer. You many search by Business name, Designer name or License number.

First-Time Registration Information

Passing the NCIDQ or CQRID exam does not automatically register you with the State. You cannot use the title “Registered Interior Designer” or ” Registered Residential Interior Designer” until you are registered with the State. To become registered, a designer must meet the minimum competency standards set forth by the State of Illinois which includes education, experience and examination. There are two classifications for the Profession:

  1. Registered Interior Designer
  2. Registered Residential Interior Designer

Please be aware that the requirements for Registered Interior Designer qualifications are more extensive than for Registered Residential Interior Designer. The details and requirements for each title can be obtained by visiting IDFPR where you can search by classification.

You Can Make a Difference!

Are you passionate about Interior Design? The ASID Illinois Chapter Legislative Committee needs YOU!

Through support, fundraising and volunteer efforts, ASID Illinois chapter members assist with several events each year that benefit the interior design industry and Illinois Interior Design Coalition’s (IIDC) goal to promote and protect Title Registration.

Contact the ASID Illinois Chapter Legislative Committee at or to get involved in making a difference. New members are needed and always welcome!

3 Things You Can Do To Make a Difference for the Interior Design Profession

  1. Prepare for and take the NCIDQ.
    Passage of the NCIDQ Exam identified you as having met the minimum standards for professional practice of Interior Design. Show that you have met these standards of education, experience and examination.
  2. Register with the State to become a “Registered Interior Designer”.
    After successful passage of the NCIDQ Exam, you are eligible to register with the State of Illinois to become and use the title “Registered Interior Designer”. ASID regularly holds seminars and webinars to assist its members in completing the Registration Application. You can email ASID at for upcoming seminar and webinar dates entitled “I’ve Passed the NCIDQ…Now What?” For the Illinois Registration Application and more information about the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation visit
  3. Sign up for the ASID Illinois Legislative Committee.
    Learn what issues are affecting Interior Designers in Illinois and how you can help. Get involved today with the ASID Legislative Committee and assist in planning Interior Design industry events that benefit Interior Designers and that educate others while networking with practicing Interior Designers. To sign up or learn more, email ASID at

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