Student Rep to the Board

Students it is that time again for the 2024-2025 SRB nominations! This is a great opportunity for students to meet new professionals and work with an organization that advances the profession of Interior Design. It is also a great opportunity to enhance your resume!

Nominations should include students that possess the following attributes: • Show a true interest in the organization and have leadership potential. • Must be a member of the school chapter and entering the school year as an upperclassman. • Must be a responsible, conscientious student with good organizational and communication skills. Note: Student chapter presidents, faculty advisors, or chapter board members cannot be nominated for this position. Students that qualify may also independently submit their application to the Board of Directors for consideration. Student members may not serve simultaneously in more than one elected position. Deadline for chapter board to appoint SRB is April 2024 and will begin service on October 1, 2024. Please view SRB Job Description for additional information. Candidates must submit the following:  1.   Letter clearly stating their potential, contributions, and responsibilities concerning their participation in being the school membership at large liaison to the Board.  2.   Detailed resume  3.   Letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor, employer, or instructor.  4.   Student Rep to the Board Application                                                                                                                                                 

 5.   ASID Questionnaire


Deadline March 10, 2024