President's Message & ASID Illinois Annual Meeting Awards

Dear ASID Illinois Membership,

I would like to thank everyone in person, but given the unique circumstances of 2020, that is not possible. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone that assisted in the 2019-2020 ASID Illinois year.

Success can only be achieved with the help of dedicated volunteers in the best of times and in 2019-2020, no achievements could have been made without volunteers stepping forward, giving their all, and thinking outside of the box to make this year the best it could be. To all of you I say thank you so much for your support this year, I appreciate everything you’ve done to make this year a success.

As this year comes to the close we have a few items to wrap up. Celebration of Design is today at 6 pm via live webinar. Click Here to view. New for 2020, Design Excellence Award Winners will receive a customized virtual badge to display on their website and social media in addition to a printed award this year. 

Though we were unable to hold an Annual Meeting, I have acknowledged the following people below with our Annual Meeting Awards. Thank you for your dedicated service to the Illinois Chapter. Congratulations to our awardees!

2020 ASID Illinois Chapter – Annual Meeting Awards

OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD- This award typically is given to members that put in some time and effort, usually for longer-term projects or major project for the Chapter. Thank you for exceptional service to the ASID Illinois Chapter and for service to the design profession.

  1. Vicki Rulli, Itinerant Studio: Masquerade Party Sponsor
  2. Kayte Becker: Barkitecture Committee Chair
  3. Midge Staller, ASID Industry Partner
  4. David Seleb, Celebration of Design Emcee
  5. Jake Counselbaum, ASID Illinois Social Media Manager


DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD -This Award is given to Board members and Committee Chairs who invested significant time and effort, typically in more than one committee or project and have been an inspiration to others. Thank you for exceptional service to the ASID Illinois Chapter on more than one committee and for service to the design profession.

  1. Linda Navara, Allied ASID, Peer Group Chair, Northwest Peer Group Leader
  2. Karen Riordan, Allied ASID,  Northwest Peer Group Co- Leader
  3. Yamini Hingorani, ASID, Chicago Peer Group Leader
  4. Doreen Alvia, ASID, North Shore Peer Group Leader
  5. Dena Kareotes Arendt, Allied ASID, The Designer Peer Group Leader
  6. Karin Hanke, Allied ASID, The Designer Peer Group Co-Leader
  7. Jean Charlton, Allied ASID, Far West Peer Group Leader
  8. Christine Courtin, Allied ASID, Peer Group Co- Leader
  9.  Tauji Shakita Vanpelt, Allied ASID, South Suburban Peer Group Leader
  10. Dee Nickels, Allied ASID, South Suburban Peer Group Co- Leader
  11. Katie Andrews, Allied ASID, West Peer Group Leader
  12. Marcia Stoll, ASID, West Peer Group Co- Leader
  13. Jase Frederick, ASID, Design for Wellness Peer Group Leader
  14. John Cialone, FASID, Nominating Committee, ASID IL Past President
  15. Adrian Campos, Graphics Volunteer 2019-2020
  16. Kruti Zaveri, Celebration of Design Committee 
  17. Bianka Daehler, Allied ASID, Celebration of Design Committee
  18. Carolyn Martino, Allied ASID, Imprint Committee
  19. Violeta Arce, Allied ASID, ASID Illinois Imprint Committee, Ep Peer Group
  20. Carol Miller, ASID Industry Partner, Holiday Party Committee
  21. Mary Stonacek, Holiday Party Committee
  22. Robert Oraha, ASID Industry Partner, ASID Illinois Professional Development Director 2019-2020
  23. Francesca Anderson, Allied ASID, At-Large Director 2019-2020
  24. Sarkis Tatosian, ASID Industry Partner, ASID Illinois Finance Director 2019-2020
  25. Kathy Casa, Allied ASID, ASID Illinois Membership Director 2019-2020
  26. Armando Uriostegui, Student ASID, ASID Illinois Student Rep to the Board 2019-2020 & Imprint Committee
  27. Susan El-Naggar, ASID, RID, NCIDQ, ASID Illinois President-Elect 2019-2020


PRESIDENTIAL CITATION Thank you for ongoing exceptional service to the ASID Illinois Chapter on more than one committee and for service to the design profession.

  1. Sarah Schwuchow, ASID, RID, NCIDQ, ASID Illinois Communications Director 2019-2020
  2. Liz Brenner, Celebration of Design Committee & Graphics Volunteer


In addition to the Annual Meeting Awards, we randomly pulled the Free Points for Membership winners.  This year's winners are: Carolyn Martino, Allied ASID and Nelly Minassian, ASID. When your membership is due please email the Chapter Administrator Janel Hyland to redeem your gift!

I will be working with the 2020 Nominating Committee to compile a slate for the FY22 Board of Directors. If you want to nominate someone or would like to be considered for the board please reach out to me.

Thank you,

Ann Marie Del Monico, Allied ASID
Illinois Chapter President 2019-2020