Industry Partner Spotlight: Fiber Protector Cleaning and Protecting Upholstery, Area Rugs and Carpet for Health!

Professional cleaning & protection of your carpet, area rugs & upholstered furniture is extremely important during this time of the Covid -19 outbreak, where millions of Americans are spending more time inside their homes. These soft surfaces act as an air filter in your home to trap many of the airborne contaminates like viruses, bacteria, germs and also allergens like mold & mildew spores. 
Many independent studies have concluded that having the soft surface furnishings in your home professionally cleaned & protected is essential to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. Proper vacuuming, regular deep-cleaning & applying a special protection product such as Fiber ProTector, will dramatically reduce the harmful bacteria & allergens that can negatively affect the health of you and your loved ones.
We proudly use the award winning and world renowned fiber & fabric protection system called Fiber ProTector. It is safe to use on both natural and synthetic fibers and will not change the look, feel or breathability of the fibers. Due to its high-grade 99.9% pure Isopropyl Alcohol content, it will kill any bacteria, germs, mold or viruses within minutes.

Fiber ProTector also contains a superior nano-tech polymer formula that is both hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, which prohibits the growth & spread of any bacteria, germs, or viruses that come in contact with protected surfaces for many years after items have been protected.
Fiber ProTector is the only protection product that will keep your treated textiles & furnishings stain-free AND make your indoor environment a healthier place to live in.  

About the company: After 35 years manufacturing high end custom upholstery for Chicago based Interior Designers, Ed Brusic teamed up with Fiber ProTector America to bring it's world renowned fiber & fabric protection system to Chicago. Fiber Protector was formed in Norway in 1996 and is the world's most technically advanced and environmentally safe fiber protection system. Trusted worldwide by hotels, cruise lines, airlines and homeowners, Fiber Protector is powerful enough to keep the world's biggest and best hospitality brands looking beautiful. Your clients deserve the same peace of mind.


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