NCIDQ Appellation

Special Announcement:New Appellation and Logo Benefit for Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders

WASHINGTON, DC— On July 15, 2013 the appellation “NCIDQ” and a unique mark became available for use as an additional benefit for Active NCIDQ Certificate Holders. After completing the terms and conditions on their MyNCIDQ online account, Active NCIDQ Certificate holders will have the option to sign their names “First Name Last Name, NCIDQ” and/or use a unique NCIDQ logo in their professional materials, which may be downloaded from the same online account. Active NCIDQ Certificate holders are those individuals who are current with their annual renewal payment, and in addition to the benefits, helps support NCIDQ Examination development and operations to maintain the validity and integrity of the series of tests.
Kim Ciesynski, NCIDQ Examination Board President, praises the move, saying “This new option for all certificate holders is a great opportunity for interior designers/interior architects to promote the NCIDQ credential they have worked so hard to earn, and to market themselves as successfully passing the rigorous standards tested by the NCIDQ Examination. The NCIDQ Examination is developed according to credible industry standards and we take great care to maintain its integrity. Therefore, we are very proud of our certificate holders and so pleased that they will now be able to demonstrate that they incorporate the highest standards of health, safety and human welfare in their daily practice. Certificate holders have spent years educating themselves, earning work experience and studying for the NCIDQ Examination. They deserve the ability to showcase their hard-won and unique achievement.”

The Council for Interior Design Qualification, Inc., the corporate structure that provides resources to develop the NCIDQ Examination, is confident in the skills of those professionals who hold the NCIDQ Certificate, and is thrilled to promote those interior designers/interior architects who are the best examples of what the NCIDQ Examination stands for: health, safety and welfare within the spaces we use daily.

NCIDQ Examination is the global leader in establishing standards of competence for interior design/interior architecture professionals. More information about the organization may be found at